Philadelphia Commercial Real EstateInvestment Management:

Linden Lane’s approach to investment is market-cycle tested for the challenges of investing in and producing superior returns in today’s climate.

At Linden Lane, we apply rigorous underwriting and due diligence standards to our investments. We put every potential through a process, where we focus on the fundamentals of the property and the market.  Our investment analysis approach is downside oriented.  We believe that if we need to be prepared for the downside as the upside will take care of itself.

Distressed Debt:

When acquiring distressed debt, we focus on the three key issues: The quality of the property, the loan documents and the borrower.  Our borrower review includes detailed financial analysis to determine a borrower’s financial capacity in addition to the borrower’s current and long term incentives to remain engaged in property operations. This enables us to make both quantitative and qualitative evaluations of the appropriate resolution strategy for the loan.

Linden Lane’s due diligence also includes a comprehensive review of the legal documentation associated with the loan, including title work and other agreements affecting the property which may impact workout strategies. A thorough review of the complexity of the legal documentation is critical in determining the right approach and the variety of options and strategies available.

Linden Lane Capital adheres to its internal policies and procedures and reporting standards to assure transparency and the highest level of performance.